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September 2022
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Chicken Sandwich,
carrot sticks, Fruit Choice, Milk

w/g breadstick, steamed corn,
mixed fruit, milk choice

Turkey Sub
Celery sticks, teddy grahams
pears, Milk Choice

Mac & Cheese ,
Green beans , Veggie Bar, Fruit
Choice, Milk Choice

Pizza Day
Stuff crust pizza,
Fresh veggies, Milk choice

Popcorn Chicken,
Tator Tots, Green Beans,
Applesauce, Milk Choice

Baked Ziti
w/g breadstick, steamed corn,
peaches, milk choice

Rice pilaf , steamed broccoli,
Fruit choice, milk choice

Nachos w/meat
Refried beans,,applesauce
Bananas, milk choice

Pizza Day
Stuff crust pizza,
Fresh veggies, Milk choice


Breakfast 1.50.    Reduced is .30

Lunch  3.00.        Reduced is .40

All meals are served with choice of fresh vegetables including Broccoli, tomatoes, carrots, and cucumbers.

Milk Choice : 1% white or Chocolate, served daily.

Milk - $.50

Because of food shortages menu may change without notice.

USDA is an Equal Opportunity Employer and Provider.